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How to fight against global covid-19 pandemic while on a quarantine?

How to fight against global covid-19 pandemic while on a quarantine?

So we all are tuned in to the impact of this pandemic{covid-19}globally thousand's of individuals have died and lakhs of individuals are effected by this virus and a fresh news has arrived that this pandemic has hit more then 200 territories that's a awfully bad news for all people .

So how can we actually get out of this pandemic by fighting against it by quarantining ourselves?

Many of the health adviser round the globe are requesting us all to remain reception in self-quarantine , with a decent sedentary behavior reception meaning washing up your hands with alcohol based sanitizer every hour for minimum of 20seconds and adding it up with a healthy diet and Workout routine .

So to keep up a healthy diet do the subsequent things during quarantine:-

For a optimal health it vital to possess healthy food that will boost your immunity and energy too.According to who(world health organization) you ought to attempt…
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How to perform the world's Greatest stretch?

How to perform the world's Greatest stretch reception within the right way:-

If you're not adding warming up or stretching your body before you begin your workout everyday , you all do a heavy mistake of not taking away the advantages for you mobility of your body muscles. Dr. Aaron Horsching, DPT, of squat University have a opinion that stretching your body before your workout maximize both of your lower and upper body mobility.

So for doing the widely known "The World's Greatest Stretch " which isn't like your simple static stretch as you normally do.

The stretch has 4 parts on how it should be done:-

To start it you must be in an exceedingly lunge position (The position during which you perform lunge) . Your forward foot should be grabbing the bottom tightly , while your hallux is facing down , then take the alternative side of your body and put it down on the bottom within the position as same as your forward foot.The next step is to try to to it as a full …

Top 6 best leg workouts for strong and toned legs

 Top 6 best leg workouts for strong and toned legs:-

If you've been training your upper body for a while it's time you need to look down , go a bit more down , legs yes that's comprised of glutes , thighs , calf , yes it has a lot more things but these are muscles you need to train  . See toned legs are one of the basics for a gymies or a person who likes to workout

If you just training your upper body and not paying attention to your lower body then you're gonna be in trouble because everything needs a balance , imagine how ugly it would look . Strong legs are so much important . And if you are not a good runner how can you be called fit .

Before starting any other exercise you should make sure that you go for a walk , you run a bit and take strides a bit also do some muscle free drills as your rusted muscles needs to be free or else it's gonna be more painful .

So here are the top 6 exercises and best leg workouts that you can start with to have toned legs.

calf r…

Top 7 workout for abs for rock hard abs

Top 7 workout for abs for rock hard abs:-

You work out for whole of the body but if you don't workout for the core , let me tell you you're missing something major . Strong core helps improve your posture and also makes your back strong that means it increases your stability as well as endurance . If you are looking to have those biscuits shapes on your stomach or may be want to loose belly fat from the area or just wanna make it look more defined , well there are a variety of abs workouts that you can do and the good thing here is they are not at all complicated and these variety consists of all kinds of exercises that do all kinds of job for your belly either you are initiating or you're a intermediate or more .

But it's a fact too that these biscuits needs some pain .“ No pain no gain ”. But another fact is in your stride because the pain is worth it it compels you to wear tight t -shirts as it makes your figure look much more toned than ever before and out of such …

Top 8 chest workouts for bigger chest

Top 8 chest workouts for bigger chest:-
Bigger chests makes your personality look three times more attractive . If you are working out for chests , that one thing you need to keep in mind is that you should not overdo any work out and understand that  you should also be properly knowing what exercise is going to affect in you and in which way , therefore you should be very careful when you are working out for your chests and back as well .
Exercises also needs to be something exciting so that you don't get monotonous doing the same exercise , although chest has a variety of workouts that would not let you get monotonous , although you have to chose best workouts for chest , however most of them involves heavy weight lifting but no one starts lifting up heavy weights from the first day, even for doing that you should have sort of power in chest to bear that . so to begin you can start with some of these best chest workouts .

How to increase chest size? 

Chest consists of a group of …

Best workout for biceps and triceps

Best workout for bicep and tricep
( bicep-forearms-wrist ):-

 you wear a half t-shirts , or it can be a shirt as well one of the most attractive parts of your upper body are your biceps and of course the lower hands . You wanna make em look attractive , Of course you want to .  But how to workout for biceps . Can it only be grown lifting up weights, no that's not true there are exercises for biceps at home that can be performed without weights so here are some no equipment exercises for biceps you need to perform in order to pump out your biceps .

Push ups

Push ups are the one of the most evergreen exercises as it involves most of the parts of our bodies that means it also involves your shoulders , your biceps and of course your forearms and wristsAs even when you hold yourself in the push ups position your entire arm bears the strain of holding your entire body weight on them and obviously when you go down you come up your wrists , forearms and your biceps puts all the pressure in …

workout for shoulders with no equipment

 workout for shoulders with no equipment:-

Strong shoulders are something that every workout enthusiast or let's not say that much but even people who workout to at least look fit desire for them as theirs no deny to the fact that they are super attractive . Straight shoulders can change your entire body language the way you walk , talk , interact  with people it boosts you up with a next level of confidence , but again it's not gonna happen overnight you have to work on it . Shoulders does not require any complex exercises , but the simple ones shows  massive changes and improvements it just requires consistency , it makes you look strong n stronger than ever before .  A lot of people know about , wait they think they know about what exercises they need to do in order to pump their shoulders and make em look attractive but while performing which , they do mistakes and invite some serious injuries , before you start exercising for any particular muscle or part of your body you…